👾Genesis Features

From vision to execution

Let's dive into the features that empower any user to create and launch a customized token in less than one minute:

🚀 Token standard

ERC-20 Standard: Our default contract is the ERC-20 standard on Ethereum to ensure that your token will be compatible with all Ethereum wallets. Standards on other chains (such as BSC, ARB, SOL will be launched soon)

💲 Personalized symbol and name

Generate a name and symbol for your token in mere seconds. Whether you want it to be serious or humorous, we don't mind. You have complete freedom to launch whatever you desire.

💰 Customized supply

Decide your own supply and the number of tokens you want to create.

👨🏻‍💼 Tax settings

As the owner of the token, you have the power to set your own taxes on both buys and sells. Additionally, you will receive revenue from taxes that are paid out in ETH directly.

💰 Tax Distribution

Configure the revenue share (percentage) from the tax for Liquid Pool, Team, and Revshare.

💧 Add Liquidity

ERC-20 Standard: Our default contract follows the widely-adopted ERC-20 standard. This ensures that your token will be compatible with all Ethereum wallets and other smart contracts.

🔐 Lock Liquidity

You can lock liquidity for 6 months / 12 months, or even 999 years.

🔥 Burn Liquidity

You are bullish on the project and want to burn your liquidity forever? we got a feature for that as well.

💥 Burn Tokens

If you're looking to increase excitement within your community through token burns, our feature allows for automated burning of a chosen percentage from each trade. You may also execute manual burns through our bot.

✍️ Renounce Ownership

We provide an additional layer of security by default through our contracts, which include renounced ownership as a feature to prevent any malicious activities.

♾️ Max Wallet / Transaction

You can add limits to the number of tokens someone can own or the amount that can be traded in a single transaction in order to prevent whales buying up the whole supply and potentially dumping on other people.

🥮 LP Size

Each project has its own unique characteristics, including the option to customize the size of the liquidity pool. Potential investors can choose between a larger pool or a smaller, more focused one, as long as they have sufficient ETH to participate.

🍬 Liquid pool tokens

Choose the number of tokens to add to the Liquid Pool.

🦾 Anti Bot

We have implemented built-in antibot measures that ensure transactions can only be executed once per block in prevent bots from front running you.

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