Frequently Asked Questions

Solving your concerns about using Genesis Bot.

💲 Is the bot free to access?

While the bot can be accessed and token customization is free, a small 1% tax apply for each transaction on the token you create. These fees are utilized for the purpose of maintaining and further developing the bot as well as providing future rewards to the community.

💳 Do I need to generate a new wallet to launch a token?

No, in order to launch a token you can also import your existing wallet. Nevertheless, you can generate a new wallet inside Genesis Bot as well.

💰 How do you make money for providing the bot?

Our revenue structure is transparent and simple:

  • 0.3% Buy/Sell tax on tokens deployed through Genesis Bot

  • 4% Buy/Sell tax on our native token $GEN

Majority of revenue is shared between token holders. The rest is used to fund team expenses & marketing.

⛽ How high are the gas fees and who covers it?

Gas fees are not in our control and depends on the network busyness of Ethereum at a certain point of time. The fee will be covered by the creator of the token launched.

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