Expect more features and improvements as we enhance your token deployment experience.

August 18th 2023

  1. Mainnet support on Base

  2. Testnet support on Ethereum and Base

  3. Testnet faucet for 1 ETH on both Goerli and Base Testnet

August 15th 2023

  1. Added: automatic 3-month liquidity lock.

  2. Update: 100% liquidity token for anti-rug measures.

  3. Added: Tax distribution feature

  • Customize tax distribution percentages for Liquidity pool, Team, and Revshare.

  • Flexibility to update Team and Revshare tax receiver wallets.

  1. Added: support token deployment on the BASE network.

August 7th 2023

Release the Mainnet version on Ethereum Mainet.

August 2nd 2023

Release the Testnet version on Ethereum Goerli Testnet.

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